Hello, my name is John Middleton and you will see me on most match days dragging and carrying my equipment around the pitch at Prescot cables and sometimes looking like a drowned rat in the rain, snow, sleet etc. You get the picture.
I am a volunteer for the club and last season won Volunteer of the Year. It must have been a slow year.
I have been a photographer with Cables since August 2018 and a photographer for over 30 years and it's something I love doing, in fact one of my first pictures that I took was at a football game. Back, when you could, I used to take my camera with me watch to Liverpool FC and sneak a few pictures.
Don't hate me but I was the photographer for City of Liverpool's first season.
I have had pictures published in the Liverpool Echo, the Challenge, Programmes in the Unity Theatre and on the Sky Sports Channel.
I until recently was a regular music photographer out and about around Liverpool venues for printed and online music newspapers. You can see my work at my main website John Middleton Photography where you will also see other photography I have done.
Anyway, if you see me say hello, I may even take your picture.
If you need any photography work (I am always looking for sport related stuff but tend to do most things) contact me using the 'Contact Me' in  the navigation on the left.

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